Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In heaven

Mom and Dad came over on Sunday, while waiting to get into the walk-in clinic. Mom woke up complaining of an earache. The clinic had a three hour wait, so Dad called my husband and I to see if they could stop by. We were free, and I was glad to see them both. I think it's a treat for Mom when she comes to our home, and it's nice to be able to offer her something as simple as conversation on the couch. It felt really comfortable. I fed them veggies and dip as I finished a batch of fresh bread sticks. Felt very domestic and proud to serve snacks to my parents.

Our two cats were glad to have more attention, and Mom LOVES it when they sit with her. They both joined her on the couch, one curled up on her lap in the crook of her arm, the other alongside her. Lots of happy squinty eyes and purring.

"Look Dad, the cats love Mom," I said.

We stood nearby and watched her pet them both, a little crammed in the corner of the couch, but happy.

Mom beamed.

She started singing in her best Frank Sinatra crooning voice, "Heaven. I'm in heaven..."


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  1. Forgotten daughter's blog led me to your blog today. My mom is 76 with Alzheimrers in the Nursing Home. I think that is too young because she shares a table for dinner with a lady that is 20 years older! and pretty sharp mentally. I think God led me to your site today to remind me that we all have our walks in life. I'm sorry to hear your mom was diagnosed so young. I also loved to hear that your mom enjoys cats so did my mom. Dad is left at home with her two kitties and he just can't believe that he has become a cat person! What a hoot to see him petting mom's kitties! I'll be sure to check back with you.